Spring Over Winter – Sabina Yesmin


‘Spring over winter’ is a well-crafted collection of delightful poems. It is an exposition about the aspects of life which are often left unshared. These intricately designed poems by the author is a take on the phases of life. The phases that shape one to be who they are, right from getting hurt to getting healed. A blend of musings assembled with emotions that we witness on various paths of our life.
‘Spring Over Winter’ is about embracing the imperfections and accepting oneself through learning and relearning from inevitable or unwarned events of life.



  1. Rozy

    Ones life’s fascinating journey through struggle, hardship and then winning it surely gives us the reader to view life in a different way. A fascinating book of poem.

  2. Saddam

    A fascinating book. The authors direct style of writing connects through the heart of the reader. One can view the life in a different way with this book. Winning after hardships. A must go book for book lovers.

  3. Inamul

    Lovely book. Love to read the poems again and again. Definitely buy book.

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